About us.

Our Vision

A world where life limiting illness, death and grief are managed with respect and compassion.

Our Values

We respect each other, our patients, and their carers and respect their right to have a choice

We trust in each other and will show trust in those we serve at all times

We value each other as team members, providing support to one another, working cooperatively and respecting each other’s views. We value working with other providers. In particular we see ourselves as part of a team with our patients and their carers

We treat everyone as someone worthy of respect and maintain their dignity at all times

We believe in each other and the value of what we do AND we believe in the capacity of our patients and their carers

Our Mission

To lead, promote and develop excellence in palliative care

Our Objectives


  • To provide access to community based palliative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • To provide Palliative Care at point of service free of charge
  • To support the needs of our patients, to limit pain and distress
  • To assist terminally ill persons to die in their place of choice
  • To support and assist family and friends throughout the illness, death and bereavement
  • To provide a comprehensive service, that is integrated with all appropriate community services. In particular specialist medical, nursing and pastoral care, bereavement counselling and volunteer support
  • To provide care in accordance with individual needs and wishes
  • To recognise and respect cultural and religious beliefs in relation to death, dying and bereavement•To demonstrate a strong commitment to education, both at a service and community level