​ Precious Time.

Precious Time: The Carers in the Goulburn Valley

Precious Time: The Carers in the Goulburn Valley project reveals the experiences of people caring for someone they love who has received or is receiving, palliative care.  The carers talk openly and frankly about what it is like to hear that there is nothing more the medical community can do.  They reveal the impact it had on the one they are caring for, family and friends, and on themselves.  They share some of the joys as well as some of the challenges of their role as carer, and what it was like for them dealing with grief.  The carers also share the benefits and difficulties of looking after a loved one at home and acknowledge how the experience has changed them.

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Moments That Matter.

These stories of real people show how palliative care is not only about dying and death, it is about improving quality of life. It's embracing what matters most to people with a life limiting illness and their families.