​ Carer Information.

The specialist palliative care nurses have extensive experience and knowledge of the many issues that a person and their family face with a serious illness.  Carers come from all walks of life and may be a spouse, parent, son or daughter, sibling, friend, niece or nephew, even a neighbour. The Service understands the joys and rewards a carer role can bring, but at times it can be physically and emotionally draining.

The team is aware of the many demands of medical appointments, hospital treatments, and financial pressures whilst maintaining normal daily activities. The Service provides support to the carer as needed with specialist nurses working collaboratively to meet a person wishes.

A qualified nurse is always available, 24 hours a day, to ensure a carer always has someone to guide and support them as needed. As palliative care specialists we are experienced in providing support, answering questions and offering holistic care in your place of choice, often in your home.

We understand that at times people feel lost, confused and overwhelmed with all the information and medical treatments. GV Hospice Supportive Care team are here to listen, our counsellors provide emotional support for the carer and family at all stages of the persons treatment. Practical support is also needed and the team will help to access equipment and other resources such as home help or respite, responding to your needs throughout the palliative journey.

The Service offers a connection to a Carers Support Group, who share experiences and knowledge and offer support to one another through emotional, social and practical ways. Cares report the value of being part of a Carer Support Group is realising you are not alone as a carer.

Carer Volunteers are an integral part of GV Hospice and may be involved in different areas of care. Volunteers can provide companionship, spending time with a family member and allow a carer some time, outside of the caring role. Practical assistance can also be provided such as driving to appointments, or support with shopping. Sometimes it is just nice to have someone to talk to when needed.


I couldn’t have managed without Hospice.  They made a difficult and sad time bearable.

Their guidance, expertise, reassurance, companionship, care and kindness was so comforting.

To have that level of backup in our corner was beyond belief.

Wife and carer of a patient 2018