“Patricia Mary Padfield (known as Pat) was 92 when she passed away on the 25th of February 2022 under the care of the Hospice nurses.

Pat led a very productive life with an excellent work ethic, owning a number of businesses (a sports store in Melbourne and takeaway food stores in Finley and Tocumwal, NSW.) She was a beautiful seamstress and sewed all her life, including dressing her four daughters as they grew up.

Pat always said she was a basic cook; however she was a very good cook. From early days with her young family, she always preserved fruits and made jam, sauce, relish and pickles. Her kitchen cupboards were always abundant with her delicacies. This was a habit until Pat’s final days

When Pat’s eldest daughter (Corrinne Bugg) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the Hospice nurses began their supportive work, Pat moved to action and decided to fundraise for Hospice by selling her wares. She always thought a recliner would be a great option when GV Hospice moved into their new building.

 Just a couple of months before her death she was still making jams and sauces with the help of her daughter Robyn and neighbour Jenny, who would do the heavy lifting. Mum (Pat) always believed an active, productive mind and body was essential to have a reason for living in her final years.

Little did Pat know; Hospice would be supporting her end of life. Initially Pat would turn the nurses away saying, “Oh there’s others that need them more than I.” When Pat became palliative the Hospice nurses “weaved their magic, ensuring her end of life was calm, peaceful and untroubled”.

It was our Mum, Pat’s wish to give back to Hospice. We hope this recliner can be used by other patients like Pat or even when the nurses need a spell!

Thank you for your care.

Pat’s daughters,

Jan Gill Kirkman. Terry Padgett and Robyn Mathieson